TV Star Orlando Jones

Kanye West, Maroon Five and David Banner all made their television debuts on the Orlando Jones Show on FX in the early 2000s.  His love of music and eye for launching new talent may not be surprising, but audiences will be surprised to learn that he is a prolific singer in his own right.

Although he’s known to many audiences as a comedic talent, Jones has in fact worked in every facet and genre of the filmed entertainment business for nearly two decades. He began his career as a teenaged comedy writer on one of the most popular shows in TV history, Cosby Show spin-off A Different World.

After working on the pilot to Fox’s hit show Martin (starring Martin Lawrence) Jones put his writing career on hold and relocated to New York to launch the new cable channel FX. His range of responsibilities included hosting SoundFX, a daily live music show where he interviewed renowned musical acts including Nirvana, Flaming Lips, Arrested Development and many others.